Provide your guests with free public WiFi

Journalists, influencers, media, the press; the world of marketing is driven by internet access. By providing an event with internet service, you open the world to see what your attendees experience- an essential marketing strategy.

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Active Network Systems

We deploy mobile industry leading technologies that provide breakthrough up-time and performance.

  • Traffic Shaping and Quality of Service
  • Redundant power systems
  • Redundant out-of-band up-links
  • VLAN access, priority VLANS
  • Tri-band WiFi connectivity
  • Captive Portal

All Weather Performance Access Points


  • Weather sealed, weather resistant
  • Tamper resistant
  • Automatic mesh failover
  • POE or generator powered

A high performance access point suitable for small to medium sized events.


  • WAN Independent
  • Tamper resistant
  • Automatic mesh failover
  • POE or generator powered

A versatile unit suitable for small to medium sized events, located where no internet service provider is capable of delivering network access.

Different modes of WiFi Access

public captive portal

  • Customized splash page upon connecting
  • One-click access to the internet
  • Pre-populated terms and conditions

access token

  • Expiring token gives network control to those authorized
  • Control who has access to the network
  • Batch printouts and easy to display

fully secured

  • Capped user-base
  • Highest level of security, encrypted, and segregated from any other network

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Advanced Technology Deployed

Dual WAN

Our automatic failover WAN network allowed for unprecedented event-based internet connectivity to LaCoMoTion.

Out-of-band network systems are implemented to insure total redundancy in case of WAN failure.

Traffic Shaping & QoS

Prioritization was given to the video live stream production staff, the exhibitors, and the public WiFi, respectively. Major industry partner TransDev required a network ready live stream of their transportation craft- requiring appropriate bandwidth and QoS for their systems.

Exhibitor Services

Over 6,000 feet of CAT6 ethernet cable was deployed for exhibitor and WiFi services. Our specialized technicians routed, cut, and connected over a mile of plenum grade CAT6 cable for mission critical applications.

Triband Band WiFi

Big Origin implemented the most advanced WiFi systems, utilizing the latest 2.4ghz and 5ghz band in 4x4 MIMO configuration with a mix of unidirectional and directional antenna systems.

In addition, all legacy bands including G/B/N wavelengths was provided for older wireless systems.

Proactive Network Monitoring

Big Origin monitored the network systems on-site and off-site in real time, using our cloud interface to insure maximum uptime, and make necessary repairs proactively rather than re-actively. Clients were taken care of before they needed to contact our support staff or look for a technician.

Automatic Self-healing Mesh

Our WiFi systems deploy the most advanced WiFi self-healing mesh- allowing a continuous connected experience for all WiFi users who connect to the network system.