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  • Content Management System, Search Engine Optimization (Content), Search Engine Optimization (Auto), Caching (Page), Caching (Object), Caching (Database), Lead Generation & On-boarding (PHP)
  • Client Type: Organization

    Development Year: 2023

    Current Status: On-going

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    Big Origin had the privilege of developing a cutting-edge website for AniFest, a popular anime events company. Leveraging our expertise in web development, we successfully created a feature-rich platform that enhanced AniFest’s online presence and streamlined their operations.

    Using a powerful content management system (CMS), we provided AniFest with an intuitive interface to easily manage and update their website content. This enabled them to keep their audience informed about the latest events, news, and announcements, ensuring that the website remained dynamic and up-to-date.

    Understanding the importance of visual aesthetics, we utilized a quick theme builder to craft a captivating and unique website design for AniFest. This allowed them to establish a strong brand identity and create an immersive online experience for anime enthusiasts, setting them apart from competitors in the industry.

    Additionally, we implemented a vendor management system, which enabled AniFest to efficiently manage their relationships with vendors, exhibitors, and sponsors. This feature streamlined communication, contract management, and logistical coordination, facilitating the seamless planning and execution of their anime events.

    To ensure optimal website performance and user experience, we incorporated advanced page speed technologies such as page caching and object caching. These techniques significantly improved loading times and reduced server strain, resulting in a fast and responsive website for AniFest’s visitors.

    Furthermore, we set up a robust content delivery network (CDN) for AniFest. By leveraging a network of geographically distributed servers, we ensured that website content was delivered to users with minimal latency. This enhanced accessibility and responsiveness, regardless of the visitors’ geographical location, making the website easily accessible to a global audience.

    In conclusion, our company’s involvement in developing the AniFest website encompassed a range of essential features and technologies. Through the utilization of a content management system, quick theme builder, vendor management system, and vendor listing, we created a dynamic and engaging platform for AniFest to connect with their audience. Incorporating page speed technologies and implementing a content delivery network further optimized website performance and user experience. With our expertise, AniFest now possesses a professional and efficient online presence that positions them as a leading player in the anime events industry.

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